Any time an order drops from our order processing system it is automatically canceled. The order will be refunded for any undelivered services, however it may take a few hours for the funds to be refunded back to your account once the order is canceled.  

The following are reasons that an order may drop from our delivery system and be canceled:

  • The link is bad or the video/image/account has been removed or deleted

  • Stats are hidden/disabled/private - status must be enabled/public

  • Embed disabled - The video is disabled from playing on external websites (embedding disabled)

  • Copyright content

  • Restrictions that have been added to the video/image/account such as age or country

  • Mobile or desktop restricted

  • Risky content such as nudity, threats or any high level of violence.

  • Requires a login or is Private - you must make it Public to receive services

If none of these applies to your video/image/account, you can place the order again and please contact our Live Support for further instructions.

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