Sometimes it might be difficult to understand what service is better and more appropriate for your needs. That’s why we’ve added a new bonus and free trials system for you to try our services or to get some of them for free.

There are 3 types of bonuses:

  1. Replenishment Bonus (e.g. top up your balance for $5 and get 1000 free views)

  2. Order a definite service and get a reward for free (e.g. order 1000 watch hours and get 100 free subscribers)

  3. Create and post some content about Viewsta and get a reward for free (e.g. post a video in TikTok and get 1500 free views)

How to get a Replenishment Bonus (type 1)

  1. Top up your balance for $5

  2. Apply for getting 1000 views

How to get a reward for ordering a definite service (type 2)

  1. Choose a quest with a definite service

  2. Create an order with this definite service

  3. Insert the link of the order or the URL from the order

  4. AFTER ALL STEPS ABOVE DONE insert the link for which you want the bonus

  5. Apply for getting the bonus

Please note that there is ONLY ONE bonus available, so choose carefully what you want or need more.

How to get a free trial for creating content about Viewsta (type 3)

Learn the requirements, ensure you’ve done all steps correctly and insert the link to the post or a video

Please note that if you delete content after receiving a bonus, the cost of free service will be taken from your balance or your account will be blocked and you will be added to the blacklists of all our partners

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team via live-chat on!

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